2-DIN 6,2″ Mултимедийна система DVD GPS WiFi 3G USB Oперационна система-Android 2.3 A8 chipset 512MB DDR2, 4GB RAM 1Ghz. 32GB слот за външна SD памет


Android Market с избор на допълнителни apps - Skype. YouTube, MSN, Tweeter и тн

Google Latitude/TXT/Gmail/....

Мултимедия плейър с DSP HiFi звук

AM/FM радио с RDS с 99 станции

3G/WiFi високоскорестен интернет

Видео рекордер от DVD/камера/TV/AUX на външна памет

Вградена 4G хард диск за запис на музикални и др файлове

Описание PDF

Безжично дистанционно управление тип карта.
Свободен аудио-видео вход, видео изход за допълнителни монитори
Вход за камера за заден вход.
Бутони в два цвята -червен/зелен
Мощност 4x45W.
USB/SD входове.
Вградено Bluetooth устройство свободни ръце.
Вградена-GPS навигационна система с двойна зона /позволява да слушате музика едновремено с навигацията

3 зонова POP функция
Управление от бутоните на волана.

Brand new Android 2.3 OS

Start-up under 15 seconds;
Built-in powerful A8
External SD 32G maximum;
Brand new HD
digital LCD, high resolution 800 x 480 , clear and colorful image.


Android Market with multible apps
Android Market provide numerous apps
download,such as Skype/MSN/You Tube / Twitter free download as much as you
Google Latitude / TXT books / Gmail / Other Email access

Delicacy exterior,sensitive push-button and touch screen
push-button, well-done appearance, and easy operating;
Ture color image,
perfect and abundant interfaces which are conveniently used.

Multifunctions and multimedia player with DSP HI-FI sound-effects
HD multimedia and multifunction play, integrated GPS navigation / DVD/BT
player; play with common multimedia layout as
User-defined sound -effects EQ;
Setup Pop/
Classic/Jazz style.

AM/FM Radio
Built-in car gauge radio with RDS (optional), FM/AM user can
99 channels

BT output
BT speaker and music player, built-in phone book automatic
SYNC phone book which supports all languages, All of them make your

call in car more convenient and safe.

Steering wheel learning function
Capture original steering wheel
user can difine the function of steering wheel freely without
for its applications.

3G/WIFI access to numerous apps
3 G high speedy signal and numerous
applications user can surf the
internet fast, stablely , and safely.

Video Recorder
User can record video from DVD /camera / TV/ AUX with high
display and perfect timbre

V-20 disc CDC memory
Buil-in 20 vitual discs memory User can copy data
from CD/DVD to
interior storage; Support Power memory function.
explorer management, A key switch play as well as easy operation
with plenty
of discs

Digital TV (optional)
CMMB/DVB digital TV and analog TV HD digital signal
which can
transfer high definition TV program

Back Zone function

File management
-Built-in 4 G hard disk, user can store thousands of
songs, Storage
administration like Home PC easy -operation on data exchange

between Hard Disk/SD/USB,which depands on user"s demandance.

Car DVR (Optional)
HD real video (H.264 + 1080P )F880LHD provide Super
Hi-Vision REC
function, use advanced H.264 compression technique, LOG
25 minutes per 1 GBM/SD storage, 32 GB maximum.

Допълнителна информация

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